Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Review: Gore Bikewear Phantom Lady Jacket

Well after a month or so of riding with this Jacket I feel it is about time I write a review. This Jacket seems to be the perfect weight (my friend has one from a few years ago and it is definetly lighter) It feels like any long-sleeve Jersey and folds up small enough for my Rucksac when needed. I wasn't sure about the zip-off sleeves but have found myself using them alot, they are perfect for evening to night rides as it gets colder. The other main concern for me was the one back pocket (must be the roadie in me that likes having three) but the one back pocket holds enough for me when I'm on my road bike. But this Jacket has been perfect for me off-road due to the removeable sleeves, I tend to change my layering a lot more off-road than on.

Overall 9/10

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