Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Rain again!

I think I should be used to rain but recently I seem to have avoided it. Anyway today there was no avoiding it. Me and Vikki decided on a road ride (seeing as she had no working mountain bike at the moment) so the meeting point was set as somewhere on the road between Rivington and Belmont. It worked quite well, with neither of us getting cold and us both climbing to get there. We then headed off to Ramsbottom, by the time we had got there Vikki's toes were frozen - I have now given her a pair of over-shoes which stould help with that. We then rode up the Rake, you know how I like the challenge of arrows on the map. Then back to mine where ali made us pasta and we got out of our wet clothes.

24.64miles Average Speed 11.7mph

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