Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mow Cop

Well today was the day that Jon had agreed to take me up Mow Cop, since I'm trying to persuade Vikki she wants to enter the Cheshire Cat I dragged her along as well. The weather decided to play it's part with the sun being out all day. But Vikki's bike tried to sabotage the ride by breaking after only 3.5miles. A bit of brute force, by me, didn't work. But Jon's more patient approach paid off and we were on our way again. We tackled Mow Cop after 16miles, which is easier than after the 70 we'll have done on the Cheshire Cat. But I was pleasantly suprised, yes it was hard, yes my heart was racing, yes I was struggling to breath but at no point did I think I wouldn't get up it.

Then it was time for a chocolate stop and back lanes back to leek.

67.5km Av. Speed 19.7km/h 1100m climbed

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