Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Brick Training

Well today I didn't really feel motivated to do anything but I had said I'd bring Ali lunch so I cycled over there for 12:30. Since I was then out in bike clothes I headed off for a ride. I ended up at Rivi so decided to ride the duathlon course again, I went round three times (total time 54:01 which makes me slower than any of last years times) but I didn't push hard and stayed seated the whole way round. Then I rode home again came in the house got my trainers and went running. It is probably a bit late for training now but I wanted to see how I felt. I was fine but I was very slow. But hey I guess the whole point on entering the duathlon was to challenge myself.

Distance 31.54miles
Average Speed 14.5mph
Average HR 125bpm

Distance 3.64miles
Pace 11:34 min/mile
Average HR 151bpm

Wish me luck for saturday I'm going to need it.


  1. You're faster on the bike than me so you won't finish last!

  2. But you are a lot faster at running!