Monday, 12 May 2008

REC Emergence Course

The weekend just gone I was down in Wales to do a first aid course, I need it so I can do the assessment for my SMBLA Trail leader award.

Day 1 started with a good breakfast. Then the rest of the day was spent doing a little bit of work in the classroom with lots of practical experience outside. We covered CPR and bandaging and I had officially the lowest pain threshold of the group. Most of the people on the course were teachers, we get everywhere!

Day 2 dawned sunny and very hot. It was nice to see the blue sky and it seemed less humid. We started the day with all sorts of weird and wonderful scenarios, from drowning to sledging down the dry ski slope on a picnic bench. I even got the promise of a bottle of champagne from one of the lads, but he never paid up. We ended the day talking about hypothermia in the middle of a thunderstorm.

The course was brilliant and the fact we got outside so often and so much of it was practical meant I didn't feel like I was on a course. The location was stunning and I definetly want to go back and do some mountain biking in the area.


  1. Surprised you didn't put a link to the pyb site on here :o)

    Glad you enjoyed your course though - u didn't tell me about the low pain threshold thing tho...

  2. pyb

    For those who are interested, it is an amazing location and I really would recommend the course.