Saturday, 24 May 2008


The one thing I am really bad at on a ride is drinking enough, I can head out with a full camelbak and come back after a full day and it will only be half empty. I know I should be drinking and often find myself on a ride thinking that I should be drinking. So now when I have that thought I am trying to actually drink something, instead of just thinking about it. I have noticed an improvement when I am out on my road bike, the other day I actually had to buy two bottles of water to top up my supplies on the way round a long ride. I think it helps that I can see how little of the bottle I have drank, whereas with a camelbak I can't actually see it! Since this is obviously an area I need to improve, I can't afford to get de-hydrated during transwales when I will have to go out and ride another long ride the next day. I decided to think about what I can do to improve my hydration levels.

Dehydration can impair concentration or judgement, this is not good when you are riding technical trails off-road or just in the traffic on the way home from somewhere. The worst thing is when you are only slightly de-hydrated you may not notice. More serious de-hydration can then lead to cramps or even heat exhaustion.

There are lots of articles out there on what to drink. Water, a dedicated energy drink or a homemade energy drink. For me I have found that I just drink water on shorter rides and on longer ones I use Torq natural, with Vimto for flavour. I have just never found an energy drink I like the flavour of. I had thought about trying again so I could drink something with electolytes in but I have never really had a problem with cramping.

So now I'm after methods to encourage me to drink more. Everytime I think of it I am going to take a big sip, instead of thinking "I really should be drinking more" and yet doing nothing. I read somewhere that drinking on climbs is good, but I find I need to breath. But every climb I will at least take a sip. Hopefully if I keep reminding myself I will drink more.

Any more tips out there?


  1. I've started using Nuun electrolyte stuff, dissolvable tablets, the citrus flavour is nice. I've experienced a couple of occassions of serious dehydration in the past so am very cautious now. I glugged nearly a litre of fluid during todays race for example.

  2. Yes I want to try them, I'll steal some tablets off you next time I see you.