Thursday, 1 May 2008

April totals

Running 10.2 miles
Off-road cycling 280.46 miles (singlespeed 236.87 miles)
Road cycling 364.97 miles
Total Cycling 645.43 miles
Longest ride 81.37 miles

Well I didn't beat my March totals but I did cover more mileage off-road.
So what are my plans for next month? Well I want to do another 100 miler (Etape du dales will cover this) but also try and get my highest mileage month. I'd also like to cover at least 250 miles in a week. But this month is a little busy with events so that might have to wait for June.


  1. Well done keep up the good work. You will be flying along for the Trans Wales...

  2. Still a long way to go, but getting there slowly!