Thursday, 3 November 2011

Time for bigger panniers?

Been an odd week with having monday off, then working close to home on tuesday. So close I came home for lunch as Ali was at home. Yesterday I was only working in Horwich so it was another short commute. I had got up early with the intention being to go for a ride but it never happened. I spent the day feeling like I had never woke up. After work I needed to go shopping, tesco was only a couple of miles from the school, but I knew I needed to ride so I went straight-on instead of turning left. A loop past freddies and over to red rock, which is hard work on the fixie, back via aspull where I decided to get a couple more miles and headed to Adlington and then back along the A6. That wasn't much fun as its all coned off so nowhere for traffic to overtake. I got to Tesco with 18miles on the garmin.

Since i've got panniers I always get a trolley, hard to carry them and the shopping. Once again this led to me buying way too much. I don't have much spare room in the panniers anyway with all my work stuff in. So once again they were packed and stuff strapped to the top. As the shopping included two big bottles of beer and an orange juice it was a little heavy. Maybe it would be easier if I just used my bigger bags?


  1. Lol at the overstuffed panniers! How did you find that riding home? Are those the front panniers, they look smaller than mine but maybe its just an optical illusion. You've reminded me to get some more reflective tape on the Kinesis (have to find it again in the garage, got some blue stuff and some white stuff), unfortunately the spoke reflectors won't go on my bladed spokes, skinned a few knuckles trying but they fit fine on the Spesh wheels.

  2. Yes they are front panniers, don't want to carry too much. Have a set of rear as well and really should use them if I am shopping on the way home! You can feel the weight if I am stood up but easy to adjust to it, just don't wave bike side to side!

    My reflective stars are all black, pleased with how they show up!

  3. ummm,,,,maybe time to get a bike trailer!!!