Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rivi Ride

I got Ali out on her bike today, she actually had to ride mine as I never got her gears sorted....need new cables and randomly it was zip-ties I was missing! We were a little late leaving, both of us probably at fault there and there may have been a little arguing. Still Simon was happy enough to meet half an hour later.

Getting to lower barn was hard, my legs were tired and it was a headwind the whole way. But once there we headed over to Healey Nab. Ali started struggling, her wrist which has been playing up just got worse. At the nab me and Simon did a lap, I was mincing like a girl and Ali took the sensible option and waited for us as she couldn't hold her bars.
We left Simon at the cafe, well we went to the cafe and he went and rode some more. Lots of food seemed to help Ali and we took the least bumpy way home.

No hands!
26miles on my Garmin and it turned into a lovely day.