Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lady of the Manor CX

Thursday and Friday I commuted to Southport, no mishaps meant 70miles both days. I couldn't decide about racing today but in the end decided to drive instead of ride and went for it. Ali came as well, mainly to drive me but she also got some pictures.
At the start I stuck to Jenni from Liverpool Mercury's wheel. She is so strong and sees all the gaps whereas I just slow down as I'm too scared of crashing. Powering past her on the first straight I set my sights on second female. I caught her but once we got to the muddy section she ran past me with ease. Pushing hard I caught her again on the straight after the start finish, but once again the mud caught me and she got a bigger gap. I caught her again but this time she got too big a gap on me through the muddy section.
I kept pushing but I was struggling with the mud. I was trying not to lose concentration and think I managed that. Battling a bit near the end with a guy but riding a descent got me a gap.

I finished 3rd female and 72nd overall.