Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Back on the mountain bike

I rode Rigger round Kielder following Ali round the marathon but other than that I haven't rode a mountain bike since I hurt my back. So I decided on a nice easy ride back, but that was last week and I never got out. Today I had arranged to ride with Chris, to make it even easier I was on a fully rigid singlespeed. Shaun also joined us so I knew I would be following rear lights the whole time.

It was a usual ride up to Rooley Moor Road, as expected I was well behind on the climbs. Shaun pushed me a bit on the road sections when I spun out. Once we started descending I lost them again, a combination of riding fully rigid and not having ridden off-road in ages. Then suddenly my rear wheel locked up, my saddle bag had come undone and my spare base layer fallen out and was now stuck in my brake. I had no tools with me as I had been in such a rush to get back. The boys soon returned though and it was quick to sort. Base layer isn't much use any more though.

Dropping Shaun off at home we span back along the road. 30miles of riding and my back seems okay.

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