Monday, 28 November 2011

Off-road commuting

I was working in Horwich today and the one thing the last couple of mountain bike rides have shown me is that my skills are lacking. Anything remotely technical and I forget how to ride. The way to improve this is to ride off-road more. So I took my mountain bike to work so I could ride home off-road.

Getting all my work stuff in a camelbak wasn't easy but I managed it. It did mean that I was a little cold as I didn't have my usual 20 layers. Leaving the school I just headed towards Winter Hill, a bit of cheeky riding later and I was at Georges Lane. Up to the top and then down the Belmont descent. I then headed over to Turton Tower before home.

16miles, lots of smiles and hopefully the start of more mtb miles.


  1. panniers on an MTB? Why not? it kinda makes sense....uuuurrrrrggggghhhhh!!!


  2. I went on a bivvy trip with someone who did it, he struggled on anything off-road though.