Thursday, 14 July 2011

A quarries commute

Today I was working at Lee Quarry, I was piKed up in Bury so only a short commute this morning. The weather was lovely and the lads were fantastic, no moaning, no asking for breaks and they all rode well. It was unfortunate when we got back to the minibus a window had been smashed. So be careful if you are parking up there.

They headed back to school and I headed home. First was back up the Lee Quarry climb and I followed the red to the trail up to the Rooley Moor Road where I turned right and headed to Cragg Quarry. Halfway round Cragg and I got a rear wheel puncture, fixed it and finished the loop then did the first section again before dropping down on the concrete road. Down to Ramsbottom and then home on the road to make sure I was home before Ali.

18.5 miles

Home and once Ali got back from her speedy commute home via the climb from rivi to belmont we headed out running. I was working hard, average heart rate 170bpm, but not going very fast. Just over 3miles. I think tthe half marathon in 10days is going to hurt!
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