Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Holding Ali's wheel

Good commute this morning, I tried to keep someone in sight and it led to a good, for me, average speed. After work I made plans to meet Ali at Tesco Horwich as I had some shopping to do and she wanted a ride. I rode there the long way, via freddies but I didn't stop for icecream! Turning right off middlebrook way into tesco I was beeped at and then shouted at. Once in tesco the passenger found me to say if he had been driving I would be dead and I needed. Cycling lessons which made me laugh!

Ali arrived just after I had packed up the panniers and we planned to head onto the A6, freddies then Chorley Old Road home. We set out with me on the front, soon swapping. I was working hard to hold Ali's wheel but any slight incline and the elastic broke. On way back Ali decided on Chorley New Road as its less hilly and we can at least pretend to ride together.

Home with over 35miles on the Garmin and an average of 15mph, very fast for me.

Not long to get fit for SITS so better do some more rides with speedy Ali.
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  1. Hehehe.... i'm still laughing at the "you need cycling lessons" comment. Some drivers are such arrogant and ignorant imbeciles! Did you tell him to 'rack off'?

    Anyway huge kudos to Ali and her impressive speedy riding (and obviously to you for managing to hold her wheel.) ;-)

  2. 15mph with loaded panniers is very good going indeed. Riding uphill with panniers on feels like an anchor has been thrown off the back of the bike.

  3. Oddly I don't think they slow me down as otherwise the weight would be on my back. Maybe not having gears was more of a hinderence!

    katie Ali is annoying she is so speedy!