Thursday, 21 July 2011

Getting the base miles

One thing I always had plenty of was base miles but this year this has been down. What with being ill and injuired more times than I liked there has been a little too much catching the train or even driving when i've been working further away. Today I was going out to St Helen's to ride a route for work. Orginally I was going to get the train but I decided to ride and get some base miles in.

Ride 1: 20road miles

Then we rode the route, it was a nice mix of lanes, cycle paths and bridleways. It'll make a nice ride for taking a group on in the summer programme. The cross bike was ideal but most bikes, not road bikes, will be fine. We stopped at a cafe halfway round and I enjoyed a danish.

Ride 2: 35 cross miles

After eating my sandwiches it was time to head to Manchester and of course I was going to ride. For a long time I was riding along the cycle path next to the East Lancs, I'm not usually a fan of cycle paths but it was better than riding on the East Lancs. The headwind and never ending road made it feel hard I had to stop at a garage and buy some water and the hugest flapjacket in the world ever. I was glad to get closer to manchester and leave the East Lancs.

Ride 3: 26miles road

After sorting things out in the office I had to sprint over to salford as I had tickets to watch a recording of mastermind. It took me a while to find media city once there though.

Ride 4: 5 miles road

All that was left to do was ride home.

Ride 5: 11 miles road

I was glad I had noted each section as my garmin reset itself to factory settings losing all the data before downloading it, good job I had two garmins on for the work bit so only a couple of miles of that missing where I pressed stop instead of lap.

Total = 97 miles
Not bad for a work day
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