Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cross bike is no longer being neglected

Somehow my lovely cross bike has ended up at the back of the pile and stayed there, I had a great cross ride earlier in the year with Jenn which reminded me how much I enjoyed it but then nothing. I knew the wheels were dodgy, the rims very concave and that was my excuse. So today I decided to ride it for the Cookson Cycles ride. Riding there I realised that one of the reasons the braking was so rubbish was lack of brake pads to the lads set about changing them, next thing they knew I had them putting wheels on. The bike wasn't really safe to ride and I do enjoy it, this should mean I use it more than just leading rides that are on sustrans trails.

No one else came for the ride so I rode home, 10miles off-road getting nice and muddy and loving having brakes! Next is new cables the current brake cables are a little rusty and clogged up, imagine how amazing the brakes will feel then.

Thanks to Cookson Cycles again, my bikes would cry at the neglect without you lot!


  1. I've put my name on the list, have to wait and see if I am accepted!