Monday, 25 July 2011

Cross Bay Half

I was getting really worried about this the night before and got very little sleep. Still with the race not being till 12:30 there was plenty of time for packing the car in the morning. Arriving at Hest Bank we were directed into a field for parking and already everything seemed really well organised.

After a little bit of faffing and organising of clothes we got on a coach. I had been really unsure which trainers to wear and had gone for my old road ones, turned out to be a good choice as they are really comfy and it doesn't matter that they are now probably ruined after all the salt water. Some people had trail shoes on but really anything was fine. A longish coach ride took us to the start where we registered before walking down to the actual start. We were scanned in and it wasn't long before race briefing.

Ali said bye and headed off while I made sure to take it easy, letting loads of people go past me. I settled into my rhythm, looking back there were maybe 40people behind me to the sweeper tractor but that was fine as my aim was to finish (they have to pull you if you are too slow since the tide comes in). I was running on my own for most of the race but the views were spectacular. It wasn't far into the race before we had our first channel to splash across so no more dry feet. Running with a camelbak which meant no stopping for water. At 6miles I felt good and knowing that I could definitely finish after my run with Jumbly last week I pushed on a bit, from now on I knew I would finish whatever. Now the deeper channel crossings started although they never got past my waist and seemed easy without a bike to carry. At 10miles my hamstrings and quads were hurting but I was slowly passing people at this point which helped with keeping me going. Mile 11 to 12 was really hard as we were straight into a headwind, this was probably the first time I was running with my head down. But at mile 12 we turned towards the shore and out of the headwind. Slowly I tracked a few more people down before crossing the finish line to a cheering Ali.

I was pleased to get an ice-cream, ali enjoying a beer, before we headed up to Arnside to stay at the Youth Hostel there. Running a half marathon is a new way to start a holiday but it was fun.
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  1. Congratulations. I am going to do this race next year as it looks like loads of fun!

  2. Brilliant! Well done. Sounds like a really good race.

  3. Sounds much better than doing a road run :-)

  4. Thanks everyone. My legs did complain a lot for the next two days of our holiday though. Ali had fun laughing at me trying to walk!