Sunday, 10 July 2011

Not a Southport 100

The plan for today was to ride 100miles taking in Southport but I have kindly shared my bugs with Ali and we're both coughing and she is sounding very croaky. So we decided on Southport the shorter way, 5 miles in and the heavens opened. I was glad Ali had suggested lights for the bikes! We changed the plan and rode to Freddies, had ice-creams and rode home.

22miles, so not quite 100 but nice to be out together.


  1. What flavour ice-creams?

    Looks like we were lucky with the weather this weekend - we had a picnic in the park yesterday :)

  2. That was an oversight, I had DimeBar icecream and raspberry sorbert, Ali had Parlines and Cream and jammy dodger.