Saturday, 11 December 2010

The thaw is here

Out today to meet simon. For some reason I thought I could get to rivi in 40minutes, more like 50! On the way over it was noticeable that most of the ice had melted, just the odd patch left. It's amazing the difference a day makes.

We headed over to the Nab, where I punctured before we got on the trails there. Simon insisted on finding the hole in the tube, good job as well as I would never have found the tiny shard of glass otherwise. Round the red twice, I wasn't riding brilliantly being a wimp on the downhills and the draggy gloopy mud seemed like hard work.

Back over to rivi where we split and I headed home round the edge of winter hill. 30miles on the garmin once I got home and feeling happy.
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  1. Looks really nice. We dont have woods like that to play in. Very envious.

  2. The nab is great, they built a 2.5km mountain bike trail there. So you can just incorporate some man-made stuff into a longer ride.