Saturday, 4 December 2010

Back on the bike

Time off the bike is beginning to show along with the lack of work and I'm getting a little low and anxious. Not wanting that to stick though it was time to get on the bike again, although I feel fine I know I have to be careful as I'm sure I am not 100% recovered yet. So this week I rode, not far and certainly not fast, but it was so good to be back on the bike.

Monday: Met Vikki and Carolyn at the barn - 18miles

Tuesday: Met my mum at her work for lunch - 31miles

Wednesday: Rested was tired from the tuesday ride.

Thursday: Rode over to see Ros and spent the day with her and her 8week old twins - 13miles

Then friday, saturday and sunday I've done nothing. It was a good start and I certainly took it easy, being scared of the ice helps that. Next week I have some work so I'll be riding there in the morning and probably train back so I don't push it too hard.


  1. glad to hear you're pedaling again...and taking it easy :)

  2. that sounds like plenty of miles to me, glad they rolled well. hope work sorts itself out.