Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Changing cleats

Oddly this is something I don't seem to do that often. My shoes seem to die by the time I notice the cleats are dead. But i'd been noticing on my boots that my right foot could be pulled out the odd time. Then today it seemed like it came out on every uphill (i was on my fixie) but I really started to worry when it bounced out on downhills.

I was nipping into Cookson Cycles anyway so I got some cleats, I then got Chris to change them as I couldn't get them to shift. Half the head of one screw had come off making it a hammer and molegrips job. It was loads better on the way home, I could pull up on the pedals again without worrying.

31miles in total as I had met my dad for lunch in Rochdale, slowly getting back.
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  1. Yes it does look familiar!

  2. Get some Crank Bros pedals, you'll be changing cleats every five minutes then.

    Reminds me, will ask Jez to see if he can remove the stuck cleat from my old shoes as my replacement shoes turned out to be two different sizes and the right one is too small and blackens my toe nail. (They are labelled the same size however it did take me best part of a year and trashing the shoe to realise and its so bloody obvious now...)

  3. One of the many reasons I don't use CB! That and the pedals falling apart all the time. I am too lazy for that!

    It would have taken me a year to work it out as well, I would assume they had been labelled correctly!

    I believe if all else fails you can drill cleats out.