Sunday, 19 December 2010

A snowy adventure

This year when the snow came Bolton missed out, we had a whole inch that just turned into ice. This made Ali every unhappy as everywhere else seemed to have snow. Things change though and I got home on Friday night with tales of fresh tracks and snow falling, an excited Ali crossed her fingers and went to bed, The next day and we had a good six inches of white fluffy stuff. So we had to go out and play. Nothing too tiring as Ali has been ill all week. So we decided to ride over to our friend Ros to see her and her babies.

We wrapped up warm and headed out over to Smithills. It was a winter wonderland and at this point we were mainly riding. Although forward motion was hard work!
Over to Barrow Bridge to head up the bridleway to Scout Road, I was expecting this to be a push. It turned out it was easier to carry, so we swapped bikes (mine being lighter) and headed up.
A rest stop partway up looking back towards Bolton and thinking how pretty everything is in the snow.
We (being Ali) also made the now obligatory snow angels - yes one face first one the usual way.
Then all that was left to do was slide our way down the hill to the twins house.


  1. We headed to Abbey Village on Saturday and got out riding in the snow (yes, even me, photographic evidence to prove it). We were out for about two hours and covered a whopping five miles, never got near the tower but it was stunningly beautiful so had to be done.

  2. Yes there is not much point worrying about miles, but it is so pretty out there!