Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Christmas Ride

I wanted to ride on Christmas Day, even if it just a short ride as its not something I've had the chance to do before. Since i had spent yesterday and this morning (well most of the day) with my folks i got to ride home. But this wasn't quite enough....

So new light on rigger (lucky me got an exposure 6pack) and straight back out the door. A quick 20km to the duck and back and i didn't see a soul apart from on the road sections (there was a suprising amount of traffic). The new light is amazing! The riding was amazing, i felt so lucky.

Only thing missing is an Ali as she has been in cambridge.
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  1. Sounds great! Merry Christmas :)

  2. lucky bugger. i've been in bed 6 days with a very bad cold. can't wait to go out on my new cxer. well, i've done 250ish miles commuting, but i want to go exploring. hopefully by monday i'll be up to it. night rides are nice tho, roads mostly to yourself. were the roads ok?


    wishing you a happy new year!!

  3. I see you still have plenty of snow on the ground. Fun, fun!

  4. Roads were either clear or snow covered, so rideable but hard work. But most of my route was off-road so it is hard to comment.

    I always got ill in the holidays when I worked term times!