Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wet Ride Thing Day 3

Another morning and more rain, although not as heavy. This time once up I could hang around a bit in my waterproofs. Suprisingly my spot found in the dark had been flat and hidden away in the trees I had slept okay. Once again it was straight up a hill to find the first chequepoint. My thumb was hurting a bit and I was worried about the off-road.

After the bridge we rode my favourite part of the ride, through an amazing valley and somewhere I really want to return to, maybe in better weather!

After this it was back up into some woods, we were all a little wet by this point!
Descending we were all getting cold and were glad to get on the road back to Forest Freeride. Just as we finished the sun came out and we sat round eating flapjacks and reliving the weekend.

Lots of thoughts on it, but I can't wait to do some more bikepacking!

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