Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Plodding along

Up at 6am this morning and out for a run, only it was more of a plod I'm getting slower instead of faster. Still I managed 4.5miles. Part of what made it a plod is my back which has been sore a lot recently. But in the last week it has become more annoying and very stiff. I think carrying all the stuff for work isn't helping. As it was so tight it seemed to keep me down at plodding pace.

Due to the back I have beenn thinking I should try a rack and panniers, only problem its not cheap to try. Colin from work offered me some of his to try for a week. Fitting the rack was easy if fiddly and time consuming. I was worried how it would affect the handling but that was fine on my short journey home. Carrying the bike or wheeling it around is a little more awkard. But I will have an idea if I get on with them after a week of commuting.
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  1. They look alright . . . nice bike BTW :)

  2. rack and panniers FTW - or preferably a rack pack if you don't have tons of gear. I've a spare rack in the garage when you have to give that back

  3. I prefer rack and pannier (usually just one) for winter commuting as it stops the sweaty back chill down I often get and I carry more in the winter, I feel if I've commuted in the cold I deserve better than my camping towel to dry off with!

    I find when fully loaded they do have interesting effects on the handling of the Spesh, particularly when stood up but its an MTB so not the best for panniers but you do adjust to cope with it. I have Ortliebs, pricy but bombproof, fully waterproof and spares are easy to get.

    I usually nearly drop the bike a few times if I've not used them for a while as I forget about the extra weight, I've nearly toppled over with the bike too, amusing for drivers at traffic lights.

    My plan is to move all the bits off my older road bike onto a frame that will take full mudguards and a rack by the autumn, once I find one small enough.