Sunday, 31 October 2010

A weekend in London town

Down in London this weekend for the NFL game at Wembley. Ali is a huge fan so has spent the week trying to educate me again...i've forgotten everything since 2008 when I last came down with her. So far we've had burgers, beer and a go at the watt bike challenge. Ali went into the lead on that, I want her speed!

Yesterday we went on a treasure hunt that started at liverpool street station. It was hard, with all sorts of difficult questions to answer but fantastic fun. It was organised by ali's cousin and I would definetly do another one. An afternoon in the pub and I then had a tipsy Ali to get back to her sister's.

So all that is left is to hope for a good game, we have good seats and my personal commentor will help me follow the game.
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  1. Ooooo American footie, brings back many many memories. Love the stuff. Used to play myself at Horwich LC. Hope you enjoyed it! Need to find some exciting things to do at weekends :(