Sunday, 17 October 2010

An easy week

This week has been an easy week after last weekends efforts. On monday my legs were so sore that demonstrations while teaching bikeability had me gritting my teeth. So I spent most of the week on the train. This weekend I was working both days. Saturday was Lee Quarry so I rode out there. Nothing in my legs on the hills but as long as I didn't push. Today was my last Sky Ride of the year. Out at Preston. I considered getting the train till I realised how much it cost. So that was another 35miles. Once again nothing on the hills but actually my average wasn't too bad for a ride on cross tyres. Next week i'll be commuting but mainly taking it easy. Then next weekend might be the first cross race of the season.
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  1. whats this "might be"? There is no might, just DO!

  2. maybe more chocolate is needed?!!

  3. I was thinking that so had a chocolate muffin today!