Tuesday, 21 July 2009

ready to go

New bars on bike - yes picture before strapping on sleeping bag would be good! Now just rest of stuff to pack, tour to watch and bed!

Today I "warmed up"with 72miles on the road bike, legs weren't really there! It was a ride of three parts, part one into work - bottom of dip. Part two to Jenn's - up the steady hill - part three home - three big bumps!

Good fun, even if it did pour down when I was riding with Jenn!


  1. All excited and nervous now!

  2. Is your sleeping bag inside a dry bag?

  3. Where the heck is that massive incline?

    Thats huge!

  4. Yes that is a dry bag, essential round here!

  5. Joby that is crag vale, longest continuous gradient in England.