Saturday, 11 July 2009

Forgotten adventure

Ali is very cross with me, here is me saying that I haven't been up to much and on thursday evening we had an adventure. As I am working in Whythenshaw this weekend we headed out after work to ride there. Once we got there and Ali had been told off for thinking someone was talking to her I realised I had lost the map somewhere. Not wanting to really hang around we headed off to Rusholme for a nice curry. As we were finishing in walked two more cyclists who ended up at the table next to us! They hadn't seen our bikes, turns out they hadn't realised there was a bike rack directly opposite making it really easy to keep an eye on the bikes! Then it was time for the train home, we were too full to try and ride!

About 30 miles in total, Ali has only gone this far on her roadie a couple of times before!

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