Thursday, 16 July 2009

A little wet this evening!

I met Odile tonight for a ride over Rooley Moor, after rushing to get there due to me forgetting it was basically uphill the whole way there I got there to find Odile was at the wrong end of the road. Still it didn't take her long to drive up! Then it was up the long climb. At the top we played on some tracks I hadn't been on before, which included a bomb hole! Somewhere on that bit Odile got a flat and realised she had forgotten tubes so I shoe-horned a 29er in! The descent down to waterfoot was my first real bit of technical riding on the rigid forks and its thumbs up! Think I need to think about changing the bars and new grips though. Any recommendations???

I'm just happy to get off-road again, has felt like a lot of road recently!


  1. simon's got some really comfy foam grips that he swears by. think they were pretty cheap too, from decathlon :)

  2. Yes someone else mentioned foam grips! I think them and carbon bars might be the way to go!