Thursday, 21 May 2009

Still deciding...

Today I went running before lunch and then fell asleep in the afternoon, no idea why I didn't think I was tired. I was pleased with my running it was really muddy out yet my pace was up. Obviously my body is beginning to remember how to run! It was only 30minutes so maybe next week I'll try something a little longer.

The plan for later was to ride over and meet Ali after her run, but she rang to point out the bike racks weren't on the car. We had both forgotten!!! So I just went out locally. I set off with no idea where to go but actually managed quite a nice loop! I ended up climbing the way I used to always go to Rivington and realised I hadn't been that way in ages and then home via barrow bridge. The forks seem great, they absorb loads - the cobbles hurt way less than expected but there is still that odd feeling I can't explain. Still more time to decide I think!

12.21 miles
358m ascent


  1. Whats the odd feeling? "almost as if they were pulling back when I was pulling the bars"? I don't get what you mean. You seem to have your stem pretty low, generally rigids are shorter than sus forks so would expect you to have more spacers under your stem than before.

  2. I don't know how to describe it really. I had the bars higher at first but liked that less. I think I need to try a longer fork.