Saturday, 16 May 2009

Rigger is home!

After being to lazy to do it yesterday I had to go and collect rigger today from cooksons. Since Ali is down south for a very important football match I had to run there. Wow am I unfit, one mile in and I wanted to walk, it felt hard I had a stitch and I was going so slow. I know that it is just I have only started running again after a little break this week so I slowed down but kept plodding away. It took me over an hour to get there but I ran the whole way - apart from if I had to stop to cross juntions! I was pleased that I had ran the 7 miles, now just need to get some running fitness back!

Rigger is now sporting a lovely new square taper bottom bracket and crankset all for what it would have cost me just for a bottom bracket. Cooksons also bought the chainrings off me which saves me a job! Hopefully square taper will last a lot longer than what I had on there!


  1. A hilly 7 mile run off-road in an hour and you think you're unfit?

  2. Over an hour, it was on road and although it felt hilly I suspect it wasn't! I meant it made me feel unfit as I am not run fit at all at the moment!