Friday, 10 February 2012

Main road miles

Leaving Helen's I headed for the A50 as I went down the sliproad to join the road it occured to me that I wasn't that far off riding along a motorway, I suspect the car following me onto the road wondered what I was doing as well. But as I'd left after 9:30 the road was nice and quiet and since the point was to be ice free the A50 served a purpose.

Through Leicester and onto the A6, another major road. Once again ice-free but slush at the very edges. Not a problem where I was riding though. I stopped at MacDonalds for a hot chocolate and to defrost my toes, my feet had so little feeling due to the cold. Leaving there I continued and ended up on the A14, missing where I meant to turn off.

I had thought the last two roads were major roads but they were nothing compared to the A14. I was thinking that this must be what it feels like to ride on the motorway as lorries thundered past till I realised that a motorway was probably more pleasant due to the hard shoulder. There were plenty of signs warning drivers of cyclists but since the speed limit was 70mph and the road was busy they didn't help me feel safe. I actually ended up riding on the shared use pavement/bike path through the slush.

As soon as I could I got off the A14 and headed to Corby to pick up my route out. From then on things improved. It was a bit laney and there was some slush and the odd bit of ice I minced through but when I trusted my tyres it was fine.

My detour to the A14 added 7 and a bit miles, still its all miles in the bank. All my stopping to try and help my feet added a lot more time.

Getting back to Cambridge Ali's mum cooked a feast, which was really appreciated. Although I was very very slow, can I blame the cross tyres? I had fun. Will see how the legs are tomorrow.
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  1. Blimey, you're brave to cycle on the A14 - scary road!

  2. Bloody hell be careful mate! I'm from round those parts and I know how dodge some if those roads are!
    Glad you're safe n sound. Stick to those country lanes!

    Ps. Regardless of the wrist slap I'm super impressed with the distances in these conditions. You rule x

  3. I didn't stay on the A14 for long! What amazes me is all the cyclist signs, even the section with a shared use path is horrible and there are slip roads to cross. The problem is the lack of alternative roads going in the same direction.

    Ads the main roads were on purpose due to the weather, the A50 and A6 weren't that busy, I could happily sit in primary in the inside lane and have no hassle. Usually I would be on the lanes but not knowing the area didn't know what they would be like ice wise etc.

    Long rides needed to get ready for April, find the long rides harder to get in when I am working all week.

  4. crikey! that looks terrifying, but i am still impressed with the mileage :)