Friday, 10 February 2012

Cold toes

Back in the UK and looking forward to getting on my bike I set out of my sisters. Due to the slightly cold weather I had replotted the route on main roads and left my cross tyres on the bike. I walked the first bit from Ali's mum's but once I was out of the residential roads everywhere was clear. I did one bit of cycle path as it avoides a huge road and that was covered in snow the cross tyres were useful then.

The one bit I hadn't put on main roads, the alternative being the A14, was just after Godmanchester. I was hopeful of it being gritted as it was a road between two towns/villages. I was right and it was a lovely part of the ride with blue skies.

By this point I was having regular breaks to walk up and down and get some feeling back in my feet, they were getting very cold.

It wasn't long before I was on the A6 heading towards Leicester. It wasn't that big a road at first but then became a Dual Carriageway. Lights on just as I got to Leicester and I got to negotiate the City at Rush Hour. Always fun when you are not 100% sure where you are going.

Onto the A50 and it was climb climb climb to Helen's. Some of the smaller roads near the end were getting a little slidey but overall the route had been good.

78miles, must have been at fat-burning zone as I was slow.

All calories replaced with a huge pizza.
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