Monday, 13 February 2012

Burfod (beep) Bumble

I finshed off my time off-work with a 200k Audax from Bedford. I had been expecting Ali to drive me home but then she ended up going to Thailand so I was going to have to drive the car home. Since I was driving I couldn't just sleep on the way home.
The night before I found out I had to be in work early on the monday to drive the van over to Liverpool (great more driving). As is usually the case I also didn't sleep well. Up early to drive to Bedfore it was obvious it had warmed up as I didn't need to scrap any ice off it. Once there I bumped into a couple we had met in a cafe at Newcastleton last July when on holiday up that way. There also seemed to be a lot of people in PBP gillets.
About 30 of us set off and I made sure I kept to my own pace and didn't just hold on to the fast boys. I'd pretty much come to the realisation that I would be riding the whole 200k on my own when a voice pipes up asking if he could stick with me. One of the guys who had been just behind me had packed due to illness so his friend had caught up with me. For the rest of the ride Julian had the dubious pleasure of my company.
We made good time to the first control where I grabbed a sandwich and a drink before we headed on. At this point the real fast lads were leaving just as we arrived. Onto the furthest point, a little chef, where on seeing how small our portions of beans on toast were we ordered desert before starting to eat. Not sure they were sure not to make of us.
The route was and out and back and mainly on A roads. This was very sensible at this time of the year and we had no ice. But I've never been beeped at so many times on an Audax. The crazy thing being is the roads were easily wide enough to overtake us and we were mainly riding single file. Obviously lots of people just wanted to say hello, some even shouted at us but it was hard to hear what they were saying.
Returning involved another stop at the petrol station and I enjoyed a hot chocolate. Then lights on and head back to Bedford. The ride finished at the organisers house where she fed us soup, only an Audax! 10.5hours on the road my moving average was just over 14mph (so much faster than the thurs and fri before). I also probably spent less than 10k of the ride on a wheel, I was mainly at the front of our duo so I was very pleased with the speed.
Then I had to drive nearly 200miles home. That was dull!


  1. I can only admire your stamina, 120 miles on the bike averaging 14mph, and then a 200 mile drive, fantastic.

  2. well done amy! you're really getting the miles in now. keep it up :) ali coming back from thailand??!

  3. Good stuff Amy, 14mph over that distance is very good going. Your miles are building up nicely. When is your 24 solo?

  4. Kate She is now in Finland! I get her back tomorrow.

    Julbags Thanks, It's Easter Weekend so at the start of April, seems very close and I don't feel fit enough.

    DaveThe driving felt a lot harder than the ride! I had to stop for cake ;-)

  5. you didn't mention the carrot cake