Monday, 16 January 2012

Best start to the day

Last night I put mudguards on the cross bike, thanks to twitter I now had a set that fit over the cross tyres, and the rack and set my alarm for early. Colin was being 'sensible' and not riding as he has a cold. As always I set off later than planned and was happy that the back street wasn't too icy, I would probably still have gone round on the main road on my road bike though. Down through Moses Gate the frozen ruts causing me a few problems but then the sun started to rise. Cue lots of smiles and stopping to try and get a picture. I felt so happy to be alive.

Day at work went fine, I was so bouncy and happy after my fabulous start to the morning. So I decided I had to ride home off-road. Semi-frozen trails this time and at points I really was glad of the mudguards!

Not sure it was the ideal bike for mountain bike trails?

Same again tomorrow? Yes please.

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