Saturday, 21 November 2009

A bike and a jog

Yesterday I headed out early to drop Ali's roadie off for its six week service. She had being going to do it on thursday evening but for some reason I volunteered to go on friday morning. A nice tailwind blew me over towards Bury and then it was time to get home. Jackets strapped onto camelbak and I started running. It was hard, uphill and a headwind. Eventually I was descending but my legs didn't know how to go faster. I was slow but I ran the whole way, nearly 7 miles!


  1. Blimey! I must have blinked & missed you building up to 7 miles, or did you make an exception to the 10% rule? ;-)

    Well done. Sore legs today?? you don't ever seem to get tired, I think you're bionic!

  2. nice one! is that there furthest you've ran? (recently i mean) you're morning runs are obviously working

  3. Recently would be this run, but it was uber slow. I don't think this pace counts as running!

    I did nearly 6 miles last week Jo, I am bad at building up.

    Legs fine today I lazy though so planned cross racing didn't happen!