Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Making snacks

Yesterday I decided to make some snacks to take out with me on rides/to work. I eat so much I always need some type of food with me. So after some googling and a trip out for Golden Syrup I got on with making flapjacks. After dinner I then started on the crispie cakes. All was going well till ali decided to help, we ended up with Rice Crispies everywhere. I can see I will be cleaning the kitchen tomorrow to find all the corners they disappeared into!
Taste testing will be today, can't see them lasting long though!


  1. 1.5 days worth!
    ....looks cold in you house ;)

  2. Well its not toasty, but I seem to be wearing more than usual! I always say put more clothes on instead of the heating! But Ali wasn't in a huge jacket so I think it was just me!

  3. Does Ali let you in to cook and then you go and bivi out in the garden?

  4. Garden I should be so lucky!

  5. I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed with your taste test. Sugary snacks have to be eaten the same day, preferably before they've even cooled down or come out of the baking tray or they go stale.


    And don't you tell me any different - that's my favourite delusion.