Thursday, 29 January 2009

Anna joins the century crowd

I met Anna for the ride we had planned to do the other week. This time my GPS decided that the route was nowhere near us so it was up to Anna to try and remember where we were going. This led to some exploring and a few wrong turns but all turned out well as we found the pub and then the cute critters in the pictures above. In the pub we were talking about how Anna had rode 59miles yesterday and I told her another 3.5miles and she would have done a metric century. One thing led to another and we were mile searching and Anna is on for the metric century a month challenge!

80.98miles @13.2mph
891m climbed


  1. 80 miles wt*?f!*
    This is after a very hard ride yesterday too! No wonder you're tired.

    I left a post on Annas blog telling her she should join the metric century challange.

  2. She has done! I used the pub to talk her into it! It'll be a good challenge for her and shows how far her riding has come, last year 40miles would have been a long hard ride. This week she has done nearly two rides of 60miles back to back.

  3. Oh, what are they? Llamas? Soooo cute! Esp the one running ...

    Tomorrow is the day of days!!! I'm fully aware! And you probably thought I had forgotten! Ha. 100 km ride is on my calendar!

  4. I can't remember what they are called, they are like Llamas but cuter, I'm sure Anna will be along to remind me later!

    Leaving it to the last minute ;) Glad you are getting it done though!

  5. That's it, I had an idea but no idea how to spell it. They were very cute!