Sunday, 11 January 2009

A 5 mile trail race

Today I went with Ali, and her friend Louise, to run a trail race that was described as about 5 miles, mainly flat with a sting in the tail. I had decided to try and maintain 9 min/miles. I actually found the race hilly, lots of short sharp climbs that hurt! But I enjoyed it. Ali passed me after about a mile, but was only just ahead of me till 3 miles where she pulled out a bit, before really getting me in the last bit. But I was only 33 seconds behind her so I was pleased. I also just beat Ron Hill!

Garmin Stats:
154m climbing
8:55 min/mile pace


  1. Sounds like it was a good race. Well done Ali for beating Trio, and well done Trio for beating Dr Ron. Good results all round.

  2. I wondered how you'd got on. There was no way I could do this today after two very hard runs in a row (not ideal) my legs are toast today. Short climbs are the worst, I always try to push hard up them as they are short. I'm better on longer ones.

  3. 8:55 even though it's very hilly.

    Well done Ali and Trio!

  4. You would have enjoyed it julbags so its a shame you weren't there. Lots of mud and all off-road! With only a tiny bit of tarmac!

    I was pleased with how I had done redbike! I was aiming for 9 minute miles so managed that!

  5. It was off-road as well. Blimey you two are quick.

    Grrr, I want to change my name back to Jon.

  6. it doesn't look "mainly flat".

    Ron Hill is about 80 isn't he?

  7. Yes he is, but still a running ledgend - he also beat me in my last race!

  8. well done to both of you :)

  9. 'Mainly flat'?! I'd hate to see what 'hilly' looks like ;) Well done!