Thursday, 15 January 2009

A little bit of an explore

Last night Ali and I changed the wheels between ruby and my winter bike as the rims on the wheels on my winter bike were probably liable to disappear any minute there was so little left. I have to admit I did the easy bit, changing the tyres. Ali changed the cassettes, cleaned it to her standards after I had cleaned it, tighten the hub so it didn't wobble. All in all it was nearly a new bike!

So this morning I set off at 9am to go to the velodrome to meet Anna, she had plotted a nice looking 50mile loop that I had saved on my garmin so she didn't have to try and remember it. My legs were taking a while to get going and after I while I worked out that I was cycling into a headwind. I arrived on the dot of 10 though so I was happy. While waiting for Anna I got my phone out to let Ali know I was there fine and there was a message on my phone explaining that she had managed to break her bike getting it out of her flat! I'm sure she'll post all about it on her blog. I was left with a decision then, to go straight home, do the planned loop or do something else. I have to say I just wanted to go home I have been so un-motivated and today was no different. I thought I'd save the loop to do with Anna, in that mood going further south isn't the best plan on my own and I didn't have lunch - no I am incapable of going into a pub on my own, sorry. So I headed towards Ashton looking at the hills, somehow I ended up back in Ashton after a loop so headed towards Oldham, then Shaw, onto Rochdale, Middleton and then home. It worked out well and I got a good ride and enjoyed it.
58.35 miles @ 13.6 mph
915m of ascent


  1. Most people probably don't think of 58 miles as a "little" explore, that's a long ride!

  2. Well the plan had been for a longer ride but I was pleased with the length I wasn't sure I would get to 40 at the start!

  3. i agree with jumbly! all relative though, from now on unless you do at least a 40miler you'll be slacking ;)