Saturday, 3 January 2009

New shoes, wildlife, broken cleats

Today was the preview ride for hit the north 1.5 so I plotted a route using an OS map and google earth - very effective as its turns out I had a great route that was nearly all off-road. It was the first outing for my new winter boots (thanks to Ali's mum what a great Christmas present!) Halfway there and my foot got stuck in the pedal, I worked out that the cleat was loose so I took the boot off. After lots of twisting the shoe came off the cleats. Loosing the cleats and a screwdriver got that out and I put the cleat back on, they will be checked regularly now!

Then it was on to Prestwich to meet a crowd to preride the loop. It'll be muddy as it was muddy today in the cold, but should be fun! Some pushing and carrying but I'm looking forward to it. The new boots loved it!

After that is was a quick ride over to my mums in Middleton, once again mainly off-road. Including going through Alkrington woods, its changed since I used to ride there on a fully rigid as a kid, I would be a lot better if I had kept riding!

A fun day followed by nice food and charades - Ali loves it - at my folks.

25miles @ 9mph
618m climbed


  1. I thought you were racing.
    I've been waiting all day to hear about your victory!

  2. are you gonna ride ss on the day?

  3. Some of those bikes looked like they had been taken out of the garden shed and squirted with a bit of oil after not being used for about ten years. Or is that what a singlespeed HT looks like ;-) Infact some didn't even have suspension !! What were you doing near the back aswell, they won't know whats hit them on the day !!

  4. You watch the video then? have to let boys go first otherwise they get upset (I suspect they were all faster than me as well!)

  5. Are not tempted to ride it on a cross bike, will you have one by then?

  6. My favourite bit is at 4:18.
    Trio already has her Chocolate before half of them have got there!

    They don't stand a chance!

  7. Maybe that's because I was with the fast group so we got to the cake stop first ;)