Saturday, 17 January 2009

The demise of shecycles

Logging on to shecycles the other day I was greated with a page from roadcyclinguk explaining that shecycles was no more and we could post there or bikemagic. Now this has really annoyed me, I know it shouldn't matter but I cannot believe they just shut it with no warning. I know the site has been dead as such for a long time but they had said that the forum was still to run. It has been quiet in recent months but it seemed to be picking up again. I was hoping to organise a Rochdale ride but the few who were interested I now have no way of contacting. I had a look on bikemagic and the thread talking about the closure perfectly describes why it won't be the same even if we start our own threads. It feels like the end of something amazing as its due to shecycles I got into riding met most of the people I know through riding. I know times change, I know I'm not good at change but why did it have to be so sudden?


  1. Start your own site/forum or see if the likes of Minx will setup a forum on their site as a female oreintated site.
    You'll find the people you do know how to contact will know other people who will know the people you can't get hold of too.

  2. Have thought about it.

    I know its silly that I've let it annoy me so much, we'll see!

  3. It's a shame to lose a good resource like that!