Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Running up steep hills, sliding down icy hills

Today I decided to go exploring while running. I headed off through the golf course and then took a footpath that headed up and up. I'm not sure it counted as running at the speed I was moving but it felt like I was achieving something. Back down the hill on another path, lots of sliding on the odd bits of road and I was home.

5.83miles and 173m of ascent


  1. good work after yesterday. my knees are a bit achy today and my hip's a bit sore from my 'lie down'

  2. My legs are a little achy from yesterday so I knew I would just run slowly so thought after listening to the two of you talking about how yesterdays ride would be a nice run (if I had a week maybe) to try going up a hill!

  3. Another long run!

    I had planned to go out running today (Now) at lunch but I've wimped out and decided that it's too slippery.

  4. Ali wimped out yest due to ice!

  5. A respectable profile for that run! Good effort. I'm running tomorrow, I want it to snow on Winter Hill tonight for extra fun.

  6. I managed my run today at lunch today. 4 miles, 40mins.
    Nothing like as quick or as far as you or Kate but I was rather pleased with myself.

    That is until I saw your Twitter update. Now I'm rather lazy knowing you're riding 100 miles.