Friday, 9 January 2009

Running in Ramsbottom

This morning I dropped Ali into work and then Rigger at Cooksons so I decided to run somewhere different. The thing I like about running is I can do it from my house but today I decided to run at Ramsbottom. From the car it was straight up the hill to Peel Tower, lots of sliding on the ice slowed me down! Then it was over the misty moors, some walking as I kept trying to fall over, but mainly very slow running!

4.41 miles
255m of ascent.


  1. 255m Ascent!!!
    I wouldn't be running either.

    Poor Rigger....

  2. Winter Hill was thick fog, loads of sheet ice still around, top of ice cream run and commonwealth down were like glass.

  3. hope rigger isn't too expensive to sort or you'll need to start doing more running ;)

  4. More than I could afford, Ali will have me on beans and toast for the rest of the month!

  5. And I can vouch that you did not stop at Slattery's choclatiers on the way back from Cooksons, as I 'suprsingly' saw you drive straight past !