Saturday, 10 January 2009

CX Nationals

Today I went over to marshall at the Cyclo-cross nationals, a cold day meant I was glad of all my layers, but I didn't need all the ones I had brought - always better to have too many! Lots of fun watching the speed they go at, I even had two of the under 23's crash at my feet. I'm quite sad to miss the races tomorrow. If you get a chance nip over to Bradford to watch!


  1. very windy today!

    They didn't give me a cup of tea though, which made me somewhat grumpy.

  2. I got two hot chocolates, how did you miss out on your tea? have a good time though?

  3. it was ok. Did you have tokens or something?
    I'm gonna kick off about it ;-)

  4. yes they gave us two raffle tickets to use at the cafe, were you late arriving or something, it was all very organised!