Saturday, 24 January 2009

Longest ever singlespeed ride

Today I was told that I had to be out of the house all day as Ali had stuff to organise for my birthday. So I arranged to meet Vickster for a ride out Calderdale way. We met the far side of Rochdale and I decided that I was going to take Rigger, after the peaks ride I am getting braver at taken him places other than my local rides and with people I don't always ride with. I also decided to ride there, Ali had offered to come and pick me up after the ride. I always forget how much slower I am on the road of rigger so I arrived a little late, fortunately so was Vickster so it worked out fine. While I was waiting in the car park there was a steady stream of cyclists, I think it was an Evans ride. We set off and fortunately were going a different way to the Evans ride. Although the hills were hard most of them I was getting up, just the few steep sections where I skidded out. On most of them even Vickster on her geared bike was struggling although she was determined to get further than the singlespeeder. After the descent into Waterford, brilliant! I realised that my front tyre was a little flat. I tried putting some air in but five minutes later it was going down again so I put a new tube in. I'd been told a 26" tube stretches fine so I had just being carrying them - too lazy to fix my punctured 29er tube. It does but it took two of us to get it in so I might be carrying 29er tubes in future when I ride on my own. After that it was a mixture of nice rocky base or really muddy riding, punctuated by a million and one gates. Before a cheeky track across the moors took us to Todmorden, since we both had lights and were starving we stopped for food even though it was getting late. Huge toasties and lovely chocolate cake (for me Vickster was being healthy?) and we were on our way. Only my front light decided not to turn on. Up the hill it was fine, we were mainly walking or riding two abreast. At the top we realised the descent was singletrack, another try and it came on, phew! Dropping down there was a bit of walking but mainly riding. It was nice when we could see the reservoir where the car was parked. Crazy me then cycled home!

58.79miles @ 7.9mph
1715m climbed


  1. Sounds like a good ride, though the light problem could've taken some of the fun out of it. And, chocolate cake in the middle or a ride? I gotta pick new trails! ;o)

  2. Trio, you continue to be an inspiration! A huge couple of days of off-road riding!

    BTW, what compression leggings do you have? I gotta get me some.

    Thanks, Jo

  3. I have skins, I got them at a local running shop - it is essential to try them on! Runners seem really into them. But they definetly work, I could barely walk yesterday evening now I'm thinking of riding to the pub later!

  4. Putting in the miles. No wonder you're so tired most of the time.

  5. Might be just the thing for my battered legs then. A couple of the people from running club were discussing how good they were at the last XC race I was at. Goes to check bank balance...

    Well done you for getting up those hills on the singlespeed, class! I couldn't manage half that distance offroad on a geared bike atm.

  6. Fantastic achievement Trio. You are a glutten for punishment.
    There's even snow in those pics!

    Btw, all the best for tomorrow!

  7. riding to the pub, be careful!
    sounds like a great ride. still smiling at the image of the 2 of you wrestling with the tube ;)

  8. Julbags they are great, be good for you after a long run. You only notice it when you get to the stage that normally walking hurts the next day!

    It was a great ride, a proper trio adventure!

  9. Seen some Skins socks, just the thing for after midweek speed runs (which I think are doing a lot of the damage). I wear trousers to work so could get away with wearing them underneath of an afternoon. I need to find somewhere to try them on, I have sporty calves to go with my exceedingly sporty thighs!

  10. I got my skins at tobutt sports bolton, give them a ring and see if they have the socks? It's not too far from you!