Friday, 30 January 2009

First impressions are good!

After stealing the saddle and pedals off my trek I headed out for a quick loop. Seeing as I knew there wasn't much daylight left I didn't go far from home. Just explored trails I usually run on. It's a lot easier to carry than a mountain bike - set of steps to see! It felt fine going downhill, only I was scared of the idea! I think it'll take more than I realise! I had to stop twice before I got the saddle height right and then the minute I hit the mud I had to loosen the brakes as the noise was scary! Then I found that although they slowed me down stopping was harder, not great when heading for a road junction! But I loved it! So who wants to come cross riding?
9.81miles @ 9mph
200m ascent


  1. yes, i do! can you're mum get me one too ;)

  2. jane has just caught me looking at close ups of your new bike- officially have bike envy!

  3. Hooray! It's been christened in the mud already! I wish I could go 'cross riding with you =)

    Yeah, you've got to be careful in traffic when you really do need to stop, but just shedding speed off road generally is enough. I took mine straight to a tricky downhill first thing from the bike shop too and scared myself a bit. Not sure what I was thinking that day! Guess I was giddy from having a new bike.

    I still have a lot of technique to learn with mine, so keep sharing your insights!

  4. Sorry Kate, apparently she can't afford one for you to, oh and you are already 30 ;) Maybe if she hadn't missed your birthday!

    It is a lovely bike, I am so lucky - so now I have 5 bikes in regular use!