Saturday, 31 January 2009

My birthday ride

Eleven of us arrived at Lower Barn for my birthday ride, after the usual faff, which wasn't too bad as I told kate an earlier time ;o) we were off. Up to the pike where we were nearly blown away! It certainly made riding off the back interesting!We headed down Jon's 200yards before going back up the commonwealth downhill and then over to the ICR, the only reason some of them were there before dropping to the first cafe stop of the day at Chapel cafe!
After that it was over to the woods for a quick play before back for another cafe stop!

A great ride and a great group. We also had perfect weather!
25.9miles @ 7.3mph
1018m ascent
p.s. I saw matt fly past when I was waiting to meet everyone, the year has started! No need for me to moan about the wind today he will be doing it soon!


  1. There was no wind in the Lakes today at all! On the dieve up it was really gusty but nothing around Windermere area. My friend was supposed to be on his sailing boat on Windermere today, there weren;t many out it was so still.

  2. You really do find some mud on every ride, don't you! The pics are wonderful and it's great you have people to go enjoy all those lovely trails with!

    I'm having fun watching the poll in the sidebar, so far it's neck and neck...not very helpful for making your decision easier ;)

  3. thought you might have taken the new bike out!

  4. Kate there were a few rocky downhills that would have killed me. I was the only one on a singlespeed though!

  5. I knew you were an Aquarian, too. :-) Happy Birthday, Trio. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday ride. Love the pics.

    P.S. Have done my January Century yesterday. Phew! Left it really late, hey? :-) Will publish post later about the ride with proof in form of powertap graph! :-)

  6. Happy Birthday trio, looks like you had a good one!