Friday, 2 January 2009

Book Review - Marcus Trescothick Coming back to me

A man who starts a book talking about breaking down in tears in the corner of Dixons at Heathrow airport is a brave man, when that man is an England cricketer subject to media scrutiny that man is even braver.

In this book Marcus Trescothick takes us through his development as a Cricketer to his eventual retirement from international cricket.
Depression is a hidden illness and one which isn’t really understood. As Marcus states in this book his reaction to anyone suffering previous to his experience would have been “pull yourself together”.

The honesty in which he explains why he few home from cricketing tours and how he refused to accept his illness for a long time is both interesting and hopefully helpful to some who are suffering as well or know others who are. That a high profile sportsman has suffered like this will hopefully help in some way to remove the taboo over depression.

This book is certainly worth reading and I highly recommend it.

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  1. I love reading sport books. It gives you a whole new insight into the sport.